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What we give up to dig in

Andra here, As some of you know over 2 years ago i decided to give up processed food. Though the path has been a slow one, with some bumps along the way, i can now say that i eat 98% unprocessed food. Amazingly i do not crave pizza or brownies any more, and if i ever forget my resolve i quickly reminded ¬†after a splurge that my body feels SO MUCH better eating clean unprocessed food. I felt so good after making this change i began to wonder what else i was putting into my body that was weighing me down physically and emotionally. I did not need to look much further for the next obvious suspect…Alcohol.

I decided to cut out alcohol in september of last year, and i have now been over a year alcohol free. I wish i could say that this transition was as easy as cutting out the processed foods, but it was not. Continue reading What we give up to dig in